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Preparations for hanging your custom wall murals are minimal but important. The simplest part is ensuring that your wall is painted and the paint has had time to dry. If this is the case, wipe over the area you’ll be using with a dry cloth. This will remove any dust that could prevent your mural print from sticking as easily. Do not attempt to clean your wall with cleaning products prior to application. The chemicals could prevent your graphics from adhering to the wall.
The width of your panels can vary dependent on your mural print’s size. The measurements typically range between 42 and 50 inches wide. If it’s possible to make each of your mural’s panels the same width, we’ll do so.
We guarantee all wall murals against any type of manufacturing defect. If you notice any printing error or your mural arrived damaged, contact us immediately and we’ll send out a replacement free of charge.
If the damage to your custom wall mural occurred in shipping, please also include a picture of the damaged packaging. Our customer service team will contact you after you’ve sent these in and explain how to complete your return.
To ensure quick delivery of your replacement, we’ll need you to take a picture of the damage immediately upon receiving your mural. Call us xxx-xxx-xxxx or fill out a form on our contact us page. We’ll work with you to get a replacement ASAP. Do NOT install a damaged mural. We cannot provide replacements for murals once they’ve been installed.

We create our wall murals using a semi-permanent adhesive. This allows you to remove your mural without doing any damage to your wall — as long as it’s taken down within six months of application. You can still remove our wall graphics after this point, but this could do damage to your wall’s paint.

Although our custom wall murals can be removed within six months without damaging your wall, they aren’t designed to be installed more than once. After removing your wall mural, it’s not possible to reinstall it elsewhere.
You’re more than welcome to use your own personal images. The Inked Murals graphic design team verifies all images prior to printing your mural. If an issue arises with any image you send, we’ll contact you immediately. Have questions about this policy or an image you want printed? Contact our customer service team and we’ll be happy to answer them.